JavaFX GUI Application

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I built this application for a college project, my first one using Java. This application demonstrates a basic GUI, and can be used to edit a database of parts and products stored in memory.

What I Learned

I learned in practice about MVC, and how to pass data between classes and objects. I also learned how to set up controllers for GUI windows, and how GUI applications work.

Main Screen

In this database, there are two different tables- the Parts table and the Products table. The Products table contains Products which can have Parts associated with them. Both tables have a search bar that can be used to find a Part or a Product by either ID or Name. Typing text into the search bar will populate the table with matching items. This GUI allows the user to add, remove, and modify parts/products using different views.

Add/Modify Part

When pressing the Add button on the main screen, the Add Part window will pop up. This window includes a form that the user can fill out, then press “Save” to populate a row in the table. The part can be selected from the table as well, and the row can be modified using the orange “Modify” button. Once the Part is saved, it can be associated with Products.

Add/Modify Product

This screen allows the user to modify Products, and add/remove parts that are associated with Products.